Discovering Austin, One Bite at a Time

Here at “Eating Austin,” we’re all about flipping the script on the traditional food discovery process. Ever found yourself eyeballing a neighboring table’s dish, wishing you knew what they ordered because it looked downright delicious? We’ve all been there, menu in hand, overwhelmed by choices and unsure what to pick. That’s where we come in, taking you on a visual feast that lets your eyes take the first bite.

Our mission? To make finding mouthwatering food in Austin as easy as pie. We’re serving up short, snappy videos that spotlight one menu item at a time—just like catching a glimpse of that perfect plate across the room. Each video is a quick taste tour: the dish’s name, its price, some drool-worthy clips, and, of course, where to find it. It’s about giving you the flavors of Austin at a glance, letting you decide with your gut what your next meal should be.

Forget scrolling through endless reviews to pick a restaurant and then hoping to strike gold with your order. “Eating Austin” does it backward, in the best way. We show you the best bites first, straight-up Austin style, from smoky BBQ ribs that fall off the bone to tacos that’ll make you weep with joy. Then, we tell you where to go to get your fix. It’s like having a local buddy who knows exactly where to go for the good stuff, no fuss, no muss.

So, if you’re hankering for a taste of Austin, let “Eating Austin” be your guide. We’re here to explore the city’s eats with you, one bite-sized video at a time. Because in Austin, we eat the crust first—diving right into the best parts of our city’s food scene, and bringing you along for the ride. Y’all ready to eat?